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Basic Digital Maui Wedding Photography Packages
These photography packages above are perfect for small beach weddings in Maui!

The prices for the photography packages you see below includes 1 and 1/2 hours of coverage and do not include any photo manipulation. Your images can be delivered to you a cd, dvd, a flash drive, or you can just download them directly from an online website. You will also be given an image release to assure that when you try to make prints, you will not have any problems. In most cases you will receive an email telling you where to view your images within 2 weeks. There will be a separate charge for any additional images you may choose. If you download your images be sure to make a backup copy of your images and store it with relatives or in a safe.

Your own personal online gallery
Up to 1 and 1/2 hours of coverage!
Delivered to you on a
CD, Flash Drive or Online Download

 36 color images - $249.00

 48 color images - $325.00

 60 color images - $400.00

 80 color images - $475.00

  100 color images - $550.00

A duplicate copy of your wedding CD with wedding cover is just $50.00.
This makes a wonderful gift for your parents.
Digital Images with a 4X6 Album!

 36 Digital images on CD with 36 - 4X6 color prints in an album - $375.00

 48 Digital images on CD with 48 - 4X6 color prints in an album - $475.00

 60 Digital images on CD with 60 - 4X6 color prints in an album - $575.00

80 Digital images on CD with 60 4X6 color prints in an album - $650.00

Extra hour of coverage - $150
Slide Show - $200
This is a DVD of your photographs made interesting with page changes and music! It is a beautiful thing and makes a great gift for anyone that could not attend. Also wonderful for showing at your reception. It is a video album of your wedding photos!

Trash the Dress

More and more couples are opting to trash the dress for the sake of getting some great photography!

 maui wedding photography

About Digital Photography

Of course, photography is important to preserve the memories of your Maui wedding. We only work with experienced, professional wedding photographers that shoot with high resolution digital cameras and the results of their efforts will be treasured for a lifetime. Our professionals work together as a team at your wedding to provide you with an easy and enjoyable experience.

We strongly urge that you consider a professional wedding photographer verses a family member or friend. Besides the fact that it is one of the most important days in your life, the sunsets are difficult to shoot. Also, it is important when you do an outdoor wedding to know how to work with the lighting and shadows. Your family or friends will most likely not be shooting with this knowledge.

Romantic Maui Weddings has found that a lot of young couples come here on a pretty tight budget and can not afford extremely expensive wedding photography. As you will see by the many photography packages we show above we try to have something that will make everyone happy. In some cases we may have to advise you that you need a more elaborate photo package. We will also tell you if you have too much photography coverage as well. If you find it hard to decide what your wedding photography needs are, just call our 800 number below and we will assist you.

Some wedding photographs you will want to include for your Maui wedding are wedding portraits, the wedding ceremony, ring exchange, lei exchange, wedding toast, wedding cake cutting, marriage license signing, beach stroll, limousine arrival, Maui sunset, and even a "Just Maui'd" heart in the sand. Be sure to order enough coverage so your wedding photographer can be creative and do your Maui wedding justice. If you cannot decide on a sunset or a morning wedding you might want to do two packages. You can do a morning wedding and then meet the photographer at the beach later in the day for some beach and sunset photography. Many of our couples are choosing this option. Sometimes the Maui resort you are staying at has wonderful photography opportunities and if you get permission from the management your photographer can even shoot some photos there for you.

Please do not judge the photographers we use by the pictures in this web site. Although they were taken by our Maui Wedding Photographers they are low resolution in this site so that they can load faster. We have so many wedding photos that it is necessary to have them load as quickly as possible.

With Digital photography the possibilities are endless. All your wedding images can be cropped to any size or printed in color, black and white or sepia. If you want an album or coffee table book and you would rather wait until you return home with your images, there are a lot of great companies and options available to you on the internet! Some couples prefer just having a Digital Wedding Album or Wedding Slide Show with Music on it! We can definitely provide you with that option.

Please remember that any image can be digitally manipulated or corrected if necessary. All you need to provide us with is a smile!

These three pictures really have a lot to say! Photojournalism style photography is supposed to tell a story! In order to tell the story a lot more photos have to be taken and then edited down.

 Maui Weddings Photography

Maui Weddings Photography

 Maui Weddings Photography

Click either to see an enlargement!

 Maui Weddings Photography

 Maui Weddings Photography

Second Location

A second location for additional shots is $150 if it is in the same time frame of the wedding. Some couples like to do a few shots at their resort (with the managements permission of course) and then finish at the wedding and some like to move from a church to a beach for additional photos. If you do a morning wedding and you would like to add some sunset shots to your digital package you may do so for a charge of $249. In other words you would need 2 packages.

If you want 2 camera coverage this can also be arranged. The fee for an additional photographer is $150.00 per hour with a 1 and 1/2 hour minimum.

We can no longer allow you to hire your own photographer from Maui. The reason being that we are responsible for what happens and some Photographers here have been breaking the rules in order to compete with the ones that will not break the rules. However, we are the ones that have to pay the $5000 fine if they are caught so we can no longer allow this. If you have a relative or friend coming with you that is a professional that is fine. If you bring your own professional Photographer from the mainland we do add a charge of $50 to $100 to your wedding to cover our assisting services. Our photography prices only apply to our photographers and photography packages.

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography
The Rock Shot in Sepia

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography
A beautiful sunset silhouette!

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography
Black and White can be dramatic!

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography
These pictures demonstrate the
versatility of digital photography!

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography
They are all the same photo that
have been manipulated in Photoshop!

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography

Notice the effect of the lighting in the photo to the right!

Romantic Maui Weddings Photography

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography

 Romantic Maui Weddings Photography

Maui Photography Image - Romantic Maui Photograpy - Maui Hawaii WeddingPlease visit our photo album!
(A collection of some of our favorite Maui Wedding Photos!

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Maui Photography Image - Romantic Maui Photograpy - Maui Hawaii WeddingMaui Snapshots
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