Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Videography

 A Video Production of Your Maui Wedding!

 maui wedding video

Maui Wedding Videography

If we had a dime for every time a couple told us after their Maui wedding that they wished they had done a video we would be rich! Often couples forget that the videographer preserves their ceremony and the video also enables parents and friends that could not be there for the wedding to witness their Maui wedding at a later time. Today you can even do a live Webcast. Your wedding ceremony can be broadcast live over the internet to any of your family or friends around the world.

Our Videographers are not the kind that put the camera in your face. You will hardly know they are there through the ceremony.

Most couples are so nervous during the ceremony that they hardly remember getting married and saying their vows. The Video is the perfect way for you to witness your own wedding.

A copy of your Maui wedding video makes a wonderful gift for your folks when you get home from Maui. It is also great for showing at a wedding reception you might want to have. Please allow two weeks time for the delivery of your wedding video if you are having a reception when you return home.

You are invited to use your favorite song on your Maui wedding video. Just bring a CD with your favorite music and then when they edit the Videographer will put your special song on your video. Please be sure it is appropriate wedding video music or they will not use it!

We encourage you to use the videographers that we would reserve for you mainly because they are used to shooting our locations and sunsets and they know what we expect and work with us as a team. If you bring your own professional Video person from the mainland we do add a charge of $50 to your wedding to cover our onsites services. Our video prices only apply to our video packages.

 Try to imagine what the photos below would look like with action!

Maui Wedding Image - Maui Wedding Photography - Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Image - Maui Wedding Photography - Maui Wedding Video

 Maui Wedding Image - Maui Wedding Photography - Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Image - Maui Wedding Photography - Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Image  - Maui Wedding Photography - Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Video

Can you imagine this without a video?
And yes, they surprised their wedding coordinator and went in the water!

 Maui Wedding Video

 Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Video Packages

Complete Edited Wedding Video Production.....$450.00
All of our videos include beautiful scenic Maui footage and music.

Edited Video with a Photo Recap or Freeze Frames.....$550.00
Add a wonderful finishing touch to the edited video. 15 to 20 freeze frames
of highlights from your original video are added with music.

Childhood Photo Preview.....$150.00
Add photos from the bride and grooms childhood to the beginning of edited
version. Up to 16 quality photos may be added.

Edited Two Camera Coverage with Two Cameramen .....$650.00
Suitable for larger weddings in areas that afford different perspectives. Most chapel
weddings are represented better with two cameras.

Drone Coverage
Wedding Only (one hour coverage) $300 $200

Video Copies...
If ordered at the time of wedding ....$30.00 each
If ordered after delivery.....$50.00 each

Live Webcasting
 Live Webcasting Only (approximately 1/2 hour coverage)....... $495.00
Live Webcasting Coverage and Full Edited Wedding DVD....... $715.00
Video on Demand (3 hour delay) includes Wedding DVD........ $615.00

All photography and video packages include up to 1 and 1/2 hours of coverage,
which is the average time of a Maui Wedding.

There is a $100 charge for an extra hour of coverage or a second location!
Reception coverage is additional on an hourly basis.

If you do not see a package here that fits your needs, just give us a call and we will
tailor a package just for you.

All of our videos are delivered to you on DVD. If you want a VHS copy you may order one. The DVD will be presented to you in a beautiuful white"Our Wedding" DVD cover! These make great gifts, especially for a parent that might not be able to make the wedding!



 You have to see this!
Can you just imagine if this couple had not done a video!
We did not arrange this wedding but we wish we had! Please come back after you visit this!
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maui wedding video
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