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Sandy Barker

Hawaii Wedding Professionals Association (now known as the Maui Wedding Association)
Aloha! I started my wedding consulting company in 1988. Since then, I have helped over 7000 couples fulfill their wedding dreams in Maui, Hawaii!

When I started as a wedding consultant in Maui, I truly felt that if I used the best professionals for every aspect of a Maui wedding, the end result would be "the perfect wedding"! Since that time I have been able to achieve the results I hoped for over and over.

I am proud to say that I plan each and every wedding as if it were my own. I love what I do and I love where I am doing it. How many people in this world can say that?

It all started when a friend of mine was visiting Maui. Shortly after she arrived she called to tell me about a business that was for sale. I just jumped on a plane that day and made the leap. I quit my job and went straight to the airport. That is exactly what happened. I just knew that this was what I was meant to be doing and everything I had done in my life had prepared me for it.

Once I was here I started doing weddings right away. At first I was flying by the seat of my pants but my vendors helped me. They all wanted to keep working so they were completely behind my success. It was kind of a learn as you go business. In those days there were only three wedding companies in Maui and the one I bought was the first ever. After 25 years I am still learning. Locations and vendors do continually change. Do I have to tell you how much Photography has changed? We have gone from film to digital and even changed our offices from paper to computer. Instead of mail we have email. I have had to grow rapidly along with the business and I have had to learn a lot!

The one thing that has not changed is my passion for helping couples plan their weddings on Maui. The best part is when they get here and I actually meet them for the first time. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful couples and help them with such an important day. I still love it as much as I did 25 years ago.

I am now writing a book about the past 25 years as a wedding planner and I hope to self publish it soon. I am also trying to get a blog going to give free advice to couples that are planning a destination wedding.

So that is enough about me and I hope to see you in Maui real soon for your wedding adventure. Aloha!

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