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The following photos are just a few of our favorites!

This page will take a little time to load but it is worth the wait if you want to see what Maui wedding photography is about! Just go get a cold drink and come back in a few minutes if the wait is too annoying for you! If you do not thing having a professional Photographer is important maybe these will change your mind!

This is a silhouette at a cliff location. Often the sunsets are fabulous like this one.


Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding
We love this photo because the timing was just right. We caught the sail boat and the sunset at just the right time.

This is a fabulous shot!
Click on photo to see an enlargement!

  We do not get a shot like this everyday but when we do we feel very fortunate! You can click on photo to see an enlargement.

These are exceptional ring shots. It's nice to have as a remembrance.
Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding


Great ring shots on the bouquet!



This was an incredible moment I will never forget. When the couple released the butterflies they went straight for her bouquet.

Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding

Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding Is this fantastic or what? It was almost dark!
So many times the back of the wedding gown is just as beautiful as the front. This was a nice way to capture the special detailing on the back of this dress, as well as the brides fabulous headpiece and face.

Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding

 Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding
How many wedding photos have you seen like these? This is why we recommend a professional photographer! Click on the one to the right to see an enlargement!


Here you can see some more gorgeous shots like the one above. You can see that it is no accident or just a lucky shot. This photographer knows what he is doing!




What a face! This is definitely our new favorite! We have so many!!!! You can see here what happens when you crop a photo differently. The photographer really caught
a moment here. This little boy did not want his picture taken through the whole wedding. The Photographer took this without him even knowing it. You have to ask yourself what is going through his mind. He is adorable!



I call this little guy Spike! He was so incredible! Sometimes we get our best photos when nobody knows we are shooting them. Or did he know? We hope to get him back as a Groom someday!

Tell me this does not look like an angel! Click on photo to see an enlargement.

We just love this silouette just because it has a lot of love in it!
He was walking out to the wedding location with Grandma and Grandpa.


Petals! They are Rose petals and we use them for isle runners and flower girls and the toss! They are a wonderful addition to any wedding!

A perfect sunset shot! The clouds always add a special touch to a gorgeous sunset!

Maui has a lot of beautiful rainbows! This was perfect timing!


One of our favorite things to do is a heart in the sand. Just to let everyone at home know you were really here!


The perfect ending to a perfect wedding!


One might think that this minister loves flowers! One would be right! We took this when Laki was not looking. We then surprised him with a large blow up of it for his Birthday!

This is a close up of the rock shot at Mahinahina Beach.The bride is holding a cascading bouquet with Stargazer Lilies.

This could only happen on Maui! It looks like an artist painted the sky!


This photo was printed in Black and White. In this particular case the Black and white is very effective!
This is a morning wedding and the color of the water is so beautiful at this time.

  The photographer certainly caught a happy moment in these two peoples lives! They are both beaming.
Here is a family picture that they will treasure forever! 

  This is just a fun photo. Sometimes it is nice to do silly things! All the girls just happened to be wearing some kind of foot jewelry.


 This is just another fun shot!



This is another family having fun!

Love the hats!
If we had not seen this sunset with our own eyes we would not have believed it!


These are exceptional black and white photos. Trees and plants tend to print extremely well in black and white or sepia tones.


This is a great cameo shot of a silouette! Click here to see a larger image!


Here, one of our couples is peeking through a palm frawn. It made a really cute shot!


One special day at this beach Mother Nature provided us with these beautiful yellow daisies! 

What Luck!


How fun is this???




  This family was so photogenic and it was so much fun to photograph them! They loved posing.

These are perfect examples of families having fun at their weddings!



Sometimes we get a little carried away! But, we always have a good time doing it! The fellow on the right was just a little happy and excited!

You can see this was a fun bunch!



Yes, this is the same group as above! At the reception they did a traditional dance from New Zealand!
The boy was just an innocent passerby. He was quite amazed!




  We just like this shot because it is symbolic.

A perfect sunset and perfect smiles!
To see an enlargement just click on the photo. Use your back button to return.

  So cute! Kids this age seldom like to have their picture taken never mind hug.

Even if it should rain it is still beautiful on Maui. We sometimes get the golden opportunity to shoot a rainbow! Legend has it that if it rains on your wedding day in Hawaii it brings "Good Luck". This was a 25 year Vow Renewal.


This is a great way to show off the back of a beautiful dress!

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