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A Romantic Maui Wedding Underwater
Wedding Proposal Underwater!


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If you are both certified divers and you would like to get married underwater this is a really great way to get Just Mauied! We can arrange for a wedding or even a proposal underwater. The Dive would take place in the morning when the water is clear and blue most days.

If you are on a tight budget you can dive from shore. We have a great location available. That way you save the price of the boat. Your Wedding Vows are written on boards but you do have to practice kissing underwater before you get here. The couple you see above certainly dressed the part. This wedding was sooooo much fun!

The price for the dive from a boat would be $135.00 per person if you have your own dive equiptment. It is $145 per person if not. Of course you would have to pay for the minister and photographer or videographer as well. It is a 5 hour dive experience you will never forget!

Underwater Video can be arranged for your underwater wedding as well. The fee for this is $500. We use certified divers that have their own dive equiptment and tanks. The Minister we use is a Dive Master. We always put saftey first!

For more information on getting Mauied under the water please call our 800 number below or email us.

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Here our couple is underwater.
On the left it was right after the kiss and to the right they are having their first dance as a married couple! Too cute!


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