valentine day wedding  - Valentine Maui Hawaii - Valentine Day Wedding

  Valentine's Day Weddings
in Maui
by Romantic Maui Weddings
 valentine day wedding  - Valentine Maui Hawaii - Valentine Day Wedding

We have a special Valentine's Day package for the year 2016. It includes everything you will need for a wonderful wedding for up to 10 people or less. You will need to reserve early for this busy day! This is the busiest day of the year here in Maui! There is a $200 non-refundable deposit required for this day. If you have more than 10 people you can call us for a quote.


The Ministers Fee (we will choose one of our favorites or any denomination you prefer).
Help with the location selection.
A Licensing Appointment (soon after you arrive).
Witnesses ( there are two places on your wedding license for witnesses to sign).
Two Tuberose Leis (for a lei exchange normally included in the wedding ceremony).
A Wedding Certificate (suitable for framing).
An On-Site Coordinator (to be there for you and make sure everything is perfect).
Our Consulting Fees (we will be here for you to rely on).
Photograpy, 48 Digital Photos on a CD.
Video (edited).
Bouquet (Nosegay) any color.

Of course you can make additions or changes to this package as well!

A Beach location would be free and Resort or Private Locations would have a fee. Any vendors or grounds reserved for Valentine's Day can not be cancelled without forfeiting their fee but please decide what you want early or there will not be anyone available.We are already having trouble getting vendors as this is the busiest day of the year for weddings!

One last thing that happens the week of Valentine's Day is that the florist wholesalers triple the price of roses. It is because there is a very high demand on them the week of Valentine's Day. It does effect all weddings the whole week. This means that any all rose bouquets will be expensive and even bouquets with roses in them will be a little more expensive.

Price: $1,478.12
Based on up to 10 people!
(this includes the tax)
License Fee is $65 to the agent.
If a Beach Permit is needed it would be an additional $20.00.

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