Special Ceremony
To Include Children!
The Sand Ceremony
  Many couples are getting married for the second time and there are sometimes children involved. One of the nicest things we have had the joy to experience with our weddings is the Sand Ceremony. Each person involved in the ceremony has a small jar of colored sand. Special words are said and then each person adds some sand to a larger glass container with a top that can be put on to preserve the sand arrangement for the future. When everyone is done you have quite a meaningful and beautiful memory to take home with you. You may bring your own jars and sand or you can have us get it for you for a fee.


Glass Crystal Ceremony

The ceremony is very similar as that above but glass crystals are used instea of sand. The crystals are then sent off to be made into a very beautiful peice of art or a bowl. You can order whatever you like. Click Here to visit their website.

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