The Perfect Maui
Wedding Reception Package
(Sample Only - Based on 30 Guests and if we are doing your wedding as well.)
Our private Luaus are always a hit! They can be done at private homes, a park, on a boat, or even at a condo if you reserve enough rooms.


It only takes a couple of musician and a dancer to have a great show and set the mood! You can also include a hula lesson for some extra fun!


Sample Reception - Price: $4,313.26
(This price includes the tax)
This price does not include the location!
Luau Menu   $45.95 each person $1,378.50
Bartender for Reception  $150 for 2 hours $150.00
Bar Set Ups  $2.00 per person per hour $240.00
Service Fee for Catering (food and bar)  20% of food and bar $353.70
60" Round Tables for Reception $12.75 each $51.00
90" Round Table Cloths (white)  $16.50 each $66.00
White Wooden Chairs (padded seats)  $3.50 each $105.00
Cloth Napkins  $ 1.25 each $37.50
Rental Delivery  $50.00 ($60 if long distance) $50.00
Floral Centerpieces $65.00 and up for each  $260.00
Duet for Reception $150 each musician per hour $300.00
Hula Dancer $175 each  $175.00
Disc Jockey (2 Hours) $150 per hour $300.00
Tiki Torches (8) $8.00 each $64.00
Reception Planning $300 if we are doing the wedding $300.00
Reception Onsite Coordinator $75 per hour - 3 hours $225.00
Plates, Silverware and Water Glasses $5.00 per person $150.00
   SUBTOTAL $4,205.70
   TAX $ 175.26
 TOTAL $4,380.96

Please keep in mind that you may change or upgrade this package anyway you want to by choosing from our many options that are available throughout the website. For more than 30 guests just add approximately $59.00 for each additional guest to get an approximate total. That will include the dinner, a chair, bar set ups and additional table space. Again, the above is just an estimate. At some locations you will have to add Banquet tables and linen with skirting. Your final price will depend on where you do it and what you add.

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