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 At Romantic Maui Weddings, we understand that you are spending a lot of money on airline tickets and accommodations. Every couple should plan a realistic budget. The truth is that compared to what a wedding at home would cost, Maui weddings are relatively inexpensive and definitely more fun!

Below you will find some menus that are available for private receptions in private locations. These are appropriate for groups of 25 and up. If your reception is for less than 25 it is wiser to choose a nice restaurant. Our restaurants here have been accommodating wedding receptions on a regular basis. Some have nice private areas that you can use if you have a group of at least 20. We tend to recommend the ones that we have been using for years and know we can rely on. If you have a wedding cake at your wedding site you are allowed to take it to the restaurant and have it served for dessert. Most restaurants will charge a small cake serving fee. Usually $3.00 to $5.00 per person. Some Maui restaurants do not allow outside cakes at all.

We would like to say at this point, it is not a great idea to have to drive a long distance after anyone has been drinking. So we encourage you to plan your reception somewhere close to where your guests will be staying.

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