Central Maui Oceanview Receptions!

The pricing for receptions in this large room is based on a minimum of $5500. That would include the room fee and food. The bar pricing is separate.The dance floor rental is $250 and can be moved to any of the rooms you see below!

Main Ballroom

Stage Area

Tables and Chairs Included

Dance Floor in front of Stage

  The room on the left is available for weddings or receptions for up to 100 people. Day hours the room fee is $750. For a reception there is a $1200 food miniumum. Night hours the room is $1500 plus a $1200 foor minimum. This would include 2 hours for a wedding and 2 hours for a reception. Additional hours either time are billed at $250 per hour.

  This room on the left is smaller and can only hold up to 30 people or12 people as shown. Daytime is $125 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Night hours are $250 per hour with a two hour minimum. It is a nice private room if you want just a small family gathering.Food miniumum is $1000 in this room.

  This grassy lawn area is available for weddings and receptions. The fee for a reception is $1500 and there is a $1200 food minimum.

  More coming soon!
We like this place, can you tell!

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