Hawaiian Ties And Cummerbunds Or Vests - Hawaiian Wedding Shirt For Hawaiian Formal Wear

Hawaiian Wedding Formal Wear
Hawaiian Print Ties, Cummerbunds and Vests
(The world's largest selection of custom made Hawaiian Print vests and cummerbunds)

Premier Vest
Baby Bird of Paradise

Hawaiian Ties, Vests and Cummerbunds have become very popular here in Hawaii as well as on the Mainland.We rent as well as sell them for anyone who wants to go Hawaiian Style! Our rental fee is $25.00 for the tie and cummerbund and $45.00 for the tie and vest. If you want to purchase a set the following prices would apply. Sorry! We only rent on Maui!

Cummerbund Sets - $65.00
(Not sold separately)
Vest Sets- $95.00
Vests are backless so one size fits all.
They have adjustable straps like most rentals.
Pocket Swatch - $6.00
(available in most patterns)


Tropical Favorites
We have Cummerbunds, Ties and Swatches available in these prints!
(Please remember that the cummerbunds will be pleated!)

Black Orchid

Darker Plumeria

Red Petro

Old Hawaii 


Baby Bird of Paradise

Purple Plumeria

Sunset Hula - Childs

Some of the ties and cummerbunds come in teen or boys sizes as well. If you are using these Hawaiian prints for a wedding please remember when ordering the Bride's flowers, to color coordinate! Shipping and handling is $12.00 in the US. We continually add patterns so check back!

Vest Sets

Aloha Sunset

Red Petro

Black Tropical




Aloha Blue


Brown Pineapple


White Hibiscus

Purple Plumeria

Hawaiian Wedding Shirt and Sash

This is a Hawaiian Wedding Shirt shown with a royal blue sash. Usually the sash will match the main color in the bridal bouquet. It is worn with white pants and shoes which you can bring. If you do not have white pants and shoes they are available for rental.The shirt has a 3/4 sleeve with a lace inlay in the cuff and yolk. It can be worn on the outside of your pants with no sash if you prefer. It comes in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge. You can rent the whole outfit for $75 which includes white pants and shoes with the shirt and sash. If you prefer you can just rent the shirt for $35.00 or buy the shirt for $65.00.This mens wear is perfect when the bride is wearing a less formal dress such as a white sundress.

All of the above Vests and the Shirt can be shipped to the mainland but we have a no return policy. Shipping and handling is $15.00. They ship priority mail with a return receipt. If needed in a rush we will ship Fed Ex or Ups if you give us a credit card. To order call the toll free number below!

800 808-4144

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