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Romantic Maui Weddings is looking for a few key people to market the best weddings in the world in their own home town.

We have two options available. One is for those that have been here and gotten married the Maui way. They know first hand what a wonderful experience it is and should have no trouble talking with their friends and neighbors about it. The other is for those that just think they would love doing what we do but from where they live. It would require extensive training and a trip to Maui to witness first hand how it is done.

We will guide you every step of the way and actually arrange and complete the weddings for you on this end.

With Maui becoming the number one wedding destination in the world it is not a hard thing to sell. It mostly involves just letting people know about it.

We will supply you with everything you need to get started. You should make your money back in just a few short months. This business is perfect for someone that likes to work out of their home or that has a family and needs flexible hours.

Plan A
Plan B
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Romantic Maui Weddings

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