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Here you see Green Cymbidium Orchids, White Dendrobium Orchids, Seeded Eucalyptus (the small seeds), and China Berry (the large green berry). There is also a White Rose and White Lilies in the background. Greens are important to your bouquet. They really help to make it stand out from a white dress and they give your flowers a nice natural background.

These Bright Pink Flowers are Stargazer Lilies. They are very popular and the color does vary a little. Some have more white in them. They look nice with red or pink roses as well. The small filler you see in this bouquet is Wax Flower.

These are some bright tropicals you see here. On the right the Bright Pink Flower is Torch Ginger. The yellow flowers are Oncidium Orchids or they are sometimes called Popcorn Orchids. On the left, the red flower is Antherium. Antherium come in a wide range of colors. There are white, pink, reds, green and even multicolord like the bottom one. The small white and purple flowers are Dendrobium Orchids.

The center white flower is a Gardenia. They have a wonderful smell to them. The dark blue flower is an Iris. They come in a dark purple color as well. On the upper left side we show a white Oriental Lily. The small light blue flower is Delphinium.

The main flower we want to show you here is the Hydranger. That is the light blue flower you see. The color ranges from white, lavender and different shades of blue. You also see the small pink flower which is again the Wax Flower and of course the smallest white flower is Baby's Breath.

This is a close up of Cymbidium Orchids! They come in a variety of colors. Also shown is a Gardenia and Queen Anne's Lace. Greenery really adds a lot to any bouquet.

The large white flower you see with the yellow center is a Calla Lilly. These are very popular for weddings! Also shown again are Gardenias and Cymbidium Orchids. We like to use a lot of greenery because it really shows off the flowers.

Hear you see Gerbera Daisies which come in a wide range of colors. Also shown with a mixture of bright tropicals and right in the middle is a small Purple Calla Lilly. Above the Gerbera to the right is a Blue Iris. This bouquet was really gorgeous!

This Nosegay is made up of Green Cymbidium Orchids with Burgundy thoats, Burgundy Miniature Calla Lilys and three fillers such as the green Berzilla, Bells of Ireland and Purple Heather.

This Bouquet has a Red Antherium, Red Pin Cushion Protea, Bells of Ireland, Yellow, Greeen and White Cymbidium Orchids, Blue Iris, Purple Dendrobiums, Lavender Tulip Antheriums and a Stargazer Lily. It was a beautiful combination.
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