Flowers for Your Romantic Maui Wedding

Flowers are the finishing touch!

maui wedding flowers

Flowers add beauty, fragrance and distinction to a Maui wedding. We only work with artistic, experienced florists. Usually we will give them the style and colors you would like and we let them do their own thing. If you have a photo or picture from a magazine of a bouquet that you would like, they can usually duplicate anything.

We highly recommend that the bride have flowers to hold. It not only makes her feel like a bride but comes in handy for the photography. You do not have to spend a lot of money but you should at least hold something. Below we show a lot of different choices. You can go from hand held with stems to a spiral hand tied and we are sure you can find whatever fits your budget.

You will first want to decide on the color theme for your wedding and then the style or type of bouquet you want to carry. Any bouquet can be in a holder or you can have stems showing if you like. There are many different techniques used when making a bouquet. Remember that if a holder is used your flowers have water. This makes them last a little longer in our warm climate. Some flowers work well with stems and some do not. Hydrangeas are an example of a flower that really needs water to last through your day.

Bouquet Shapes or Styles

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maui wedding flowers 

Flower Sample Chart
Here you can see the wide variety of options for color!

maui wedding flowers
Calla Lily, Gardenia, Cymbidium
Orchids, and Dendrobium Orchids

Red Antherium, Oncidium Orchids,
Pink Ginger and Dendrobiums.

Gerbera Daisies, Blue Iris, Dark Purple
Mini Callas, Roses and Baby's Breath

 maui wedding flowers
Pink and Red Roses, Blue Hydrangea, Dendrobiums and Wax Flower

 maui wedding flowers
Cymbidium Orchids, Freesia, White
Dendrobiums and Greens

 maui wedding flowers
Cymbidium Orchids, Purple Mini
Callas, Bear Grass, and Greens

 maui wedding flowers
Stargazer Lilies, Light Pink Roses,
and Baby's Breath

 maui wedding flowers
Gardenias, Casablanca Lilies, Blue
Iris, Baby's Breath and Delphiniums

 maui wedding flowers
Cymbidium Orchids, White Oriental
Lilies, and Pink Orchids

maui wedding flowers
Green Cymbidium Orchids, White Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus and China Berries

Casablanca Lily, Baby Pink Roses,
Baby's Breath and Variegated Greenery.

Red Antherium,Red Pin Cushion Protea, Bells of Ireland, Blue Iris.

As you can see there is a wide variety to choose from. Some flowers are seasonal and some you can get off season but they cost a little more to import! If you see a picture of a bouquet you like you can send it and our florist can duplicate it for you. If it is elaborate we will have to get you a quote. Most brides just give us the style and color theme and we let the florist do her thing! There are lots of embellishments that can be added such as pearls and streamers. You just have to let us know your wishes.

Samples and Pricing!

maui wedding flowers`

 Cascade Bouquet

Linda's bouquet is a Large Cascade made with two toned Calla Lilies, Pink Wax Flower, Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids and Bear Grass. It is fabulous!

Price: $175

Her hair flower is Dendrobium Orchids.
Price: $22


Made with Yellow Cymbidiums, Red Macara Orchids, Bear Grass and Italian Ruskus. Click to see enlargement.



maui wedding flowers


This cascade is made with Lavender Calla Lilies! The long dangly greens are Bear Grass and there is also Galic Leaves and Latifolia is the little Lavender fluffy fill flower. It is a very elegant bouquet!

Price: $175

maui wedding flowers


This is a Cascade made with Flame Calla Lilys and it has shells wired in. It makes for a great Beach Bouquet!

Price: $165

 maui wedding flowers

 maui wedding flowers

 This is a small cascade in Burgundy and White. In front of the Bride's maids dress it was absolutely fabulous as you can see. The Bride put an all Burgundy Calla Lily Bouquet (like the one above) in front of her white dress. It was very beautiful.

Small Calla Cascade $135


Small Nosegay

June is holding a Nosegay made
with a Casablanca Lily, red
Roses Baby's Breath and Dendrobium Orchids

Price: $125

All Rose Nosegay

Maria is holding a Nosegay that was made with all pink Roses. There are 2 dozen to be exact. The bouquet shown is in a holder but can also be ordered with stems.

This particular bouquet is great if you would like to dry your flowers or have them preserved when you return home. Roses do dry well.

Can also be done in peach, yellow, red, lavender, ivory etc.....
See red one at the top of the page!

Price: $155

maui wedding flowers


Yheizzi is wearing loose Dendrobium Orchids in her hair. Her Nosegay has a bright pink Stargazer Lily and Roses, Red Antherium, Cymbidium Orchids and white Dendrobium Orchids to match her hair flowers.

Her Nosegay is a tropical
with bright pinks!

Price: $135

Large Round

Jerold is holding his mom's Nosegay that is made of peach Lilies and Roses. The white flowers are Gardenias.

He is so handsome! I expect he
will return in a few years for
his own wedding!

Price: $155

maui wedding flowers


This was a very special bouquet! It is made with green Lady Slippers and has a few Jade Antherium and white Tulip Antherium as well. It has stems and is wrapped with a beautiful sage colored ribbon. Lady Slippers are seasonal and must be ordered far in advance. They are also a little expensive.

Price: $185 as shown

 maui wedding flowers


This is a Cascade in light pinks and white. The flowers are Roses, Dendrobium Orchids and white Oriental Lilies. There are also a few Cymbidium Orchids, Baby's Breath and pink mini Antheriums.

Price: $165


Rosie is wearing a Haku of greens,baby's breath, dendrobium Orchids and pink rose buds. She also has a tuberose lei on and she is holding a Cascading bouquet made with Casablanca Lilies, light pink Roses, white Dendrobium Orchids and various other white flowers. You can see how everything just kind of matches.

Haku - $95
Lei - $20
Cascade - $175



Haku and a Small Nosegay

Diane is wearing a beautiful Haku made with purple and white flowers. Her Nosegay matches and has gardenias in it.

Haku - $95
Small Nosegay - $125

 Cascade with Lisianthus

Leslie has a cascading Bouquet with
Chocolate Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids and Lisianthus.It is extremely colorful and classy looking!

Price: $195




Large Round

On the left Lane is holding a tropical bouquet with Stargazer Lilies, red Antherium, pink Ginger, purple Dendrobiums, and yellow Popcorn Orchids. There is a lot of greenery in this bouquet also. Price: $135.00

To the right you see a small version of bright tropicals. There are many variations available. They are all gorgeous!

Price: $155.00


Here we have more bright tropicals. To the left you see a Bright Tropical with Stargazers and to the right you see it with Blue Iris!

Large Tropical $155
Medium Round $135
No small available!
Cascading - $175




Here you see a Cascading Bouquet made with greens and heart shaped Antheriums. It is perfect for an island style wedding and especially on Valentine's Day! Click on photo to see enlargement!

Price: $155

This is a hand held with stems made with Gerbera Daisies.
It is shown in bright colors but it can also be one color or even more pastel.
To see a larger picture click on the photo to the right! To return just hit the back button!

Price: $145



We are not ones to ever advocate Silk Flowers but these Gerbera Daisies look as real as real can be. Even better! I defie any one to tell the difference. I even tried to see if they had a smell they looked so real. Click photos to see enlargement.




Gillian's Cascade is made with white Oriental Lilies, bright pink Roses, pink Lisianthus and Baby's Breath and greens.

Price: $165




Lisa's nosegay is made from white oriental lilies and medium pink roses. There are also a few white Dendrobium Orchids in it. It is simple and beautiful.

Price: $125


This cascade is made with Casablanca Lilies, lavender Stock, and Sterling Roses.

Price: $165



 Pam's Shell Bouquet

The advantage of a shell bouquet is that it will keep forever! We added a little Bells of Ireland to this one which could be removed after the wedding and we added a few shells to the Bridesmaids flower bouquets to make them all match.

Price: $295.00
Shell Boutonniere - $25.00

Click here to see enlargement!



To the right you see a cascade made with Stargazers, Roses and White Dendrobium Orchids.





As you can see this is a very large cascade with Stargazers and Red Roses, Italian Ruskus and White Dendrobium Orchids. The Haku matches it and is made with White Dendrobiuims and Red Rose Buds.

Large Cascade: $165



Mom and daughter look great in matching Head Leis of white Dendrobiums and yellow popcorn orchids!

Price: $95

 This Haku is also beautiful and the bride looked very angelic in it! It is made with White Dendrobium Orchids and Baby's Breath.

Price: $95


 All Rose Nosegay

This is a 2 dozen all rose Nosegay made with white Roses and Seeded Eucalyptus.

Price: $155

To the right you see a Gardenia Hair Flower and a Tuberose Lei. If you wear your hair flower on the right side it means you are available. Wear it on the left side and that means you are taken.


Click right photo to see an enlargement! Use your back button to return.

On the left you see a Hair Crescent.



Dawn's Bouquet is a Cascade made with White Oriental Lilys, Pink Roses,Sterling Roses, Purple Lisianthus and Dendrobium Orchids.

Price: $165


This is a nosegay with a nice combination of colors. The Bride's dress had little peach and purple flowers on the top half so it matched perfectly!




To the left you see a two dozen all rose bouquet made with Bright Pink Roses and Variegated Greens as a backing. The stems are showing and it is wrapped in off white ribbon. It also has a sheer bow attached. To the right you see one and a half dozen red roses with a different Variegated Green.

Price: 2 Doz. $145 in Holder
1and 1/2 Doz. $125 in Holder
Hand Tied add $10


  To the left you can see how we try to match every aspect of your flowers. It is important for the photos! To the right you see a bouquet similar to the one above but it has Baby's Breath added and has sage green ribbon. It has 1 and 1/2 dozen Roses.




Here you have a well coordinated flower choice done in Peach and Coral Roses with Babies Breath and greens! This is a 1 and 1/2 dozen all rose bouquet and a Haku, Boutonniere and leis that all match!

1 and 1/2 Dozen All Rose $125

This bouquet is very popular with our brides! It is made with large Calla Lilys that have roses inserted into them. Of course the roses can be any color and you can do 1,3,5,7 or more if you like. Large Callas Lilies are seasonal.

This triple is priced at $65


Here is an interesting Nosegay with island style! This is a Mink Protea surrounded by pink tulip Antheriums.
It was really beautiful!

Price: $95.00 

 Small Nosegay

This bouquet is made with 2 kinds of Antherium, Pink Ginger and Tuberose. It has stems and is very elegant even though small and not very expensive.

Price: $85.00


Mini Callas

This is a Cascading Bouquet made with Burgundy Calla Lilys and Bear Grass. It is extremely elegant and beautiful!

Price: $165.00



This is a Hand Tied with French Knots Nosegay. It has Pink Stargazers, White Calla Lilys and Bear Grass. The stems are wrapped and the bow is an off white satin ribbon. On the left we included some green Cymbidiums and on the right you see the same bouquet with roses. Both are beautiful.

Price: $165.00


This is a Nosegay made with White Cymbidium Orchids with Pink throats and it also has a little Pink Wax Flower and some Blue Delphiniums.

Price: $165.00 in holder
Hand Tied With a Ribbon Wrap and Pearl or Cristal Pins $185.00


To the right you see a gorgeous Cascade Bouquet made with 90% Cymbidium Orchids in Burgundy and Green. Bells of Ireland and Dendrobium Orchids fill in the rest. The Greenery you see is Italian Ruskus. This is a Large Cascade.

Price: $185.00




This is a beautiful long cascade made with Yellow Cymbidiums that have a Burgundy throats and Burgundy Calla Lilys. It also has Bear Grass loops and verigated greens as well. To the right you see the matching Hair Flower. Click on left photo to see enlargement.

Price: $195




This bouquet is a large Nosegay and it is made with White Roses, Green Cymbidium Orchids and Bear Grass. Note how there is a Burgundy colored throat to the Green Orchids. They are very beautiful. The touch of Bear Grass is what makes it. Click on cascade to the right to see an enlargement.

Large Round Price: $155.00
Cascade Price: $175.00
Large Cascade: $185.00



This bouquet is made with Green Cymbidium Orchids, Red Roses and Burnt Orange Calla Lilys! It was absolutely gorgeous! It certaintly went great with the Orange dresses and the Petals added a lot to the wedding as well.

Large: $165
Med: $145




This is a gorgeous mixture of Orange, White and Green! To the right is an exaggerated Boutonniere that matches. Click on photo to left to see an enlargement.

Bouquet: $145
Bout: $15.50



We must not forget that if the men in the wedding party are wearing a suit or tuxedo they should have a boutonniere for their lapel. It should match the Bride's flowers and the Grooms should always be a little exaggerated in comparison to the Groomsment and Dad.

Price: $10.50 to $20.00

Price: $400 inc. delivery
Does not include flowers

Wedding Arch

To the left you see the Wedding Arch with flowers to match the wedding theme. To the right you see a Ring of Flowers which is popular here in Hawaii. It can also be in the shape of a heart!

Price: $150




Here you see tiki torches with flowers arranged in them. It adds a nice touch to the isle! Also shown with petals. The torch arrangements are also nice with a lot of greens and are great for an isle on the beach.You can even do the flower torches on the beach for added beauty. Afterwards you can take the arrangements to dinner for your centerpiece or back to your room to enjoy for the rest of your honeymoon! Our florist will arrange for them to match your bouquet!

Price: $95 and up

Petal Isle and Torches

This is a good example
of a petal isle and flower torches!

 Click on Photo to enlarge!

Petals are $30 per bag!

Click on Photo to enlarge!
Each bag equals about 1 Dozen Roses

Here you see a Bamboo Chuppah and a petal isle. The florist makes arrangements for the sides to match your bouquet! You can bring your own top or use ours! We also do it with out a top if you just want the Bamboo Arch! We will not do an arch on the beach due to the danger. An Arch or chairs should only be used on private or resort locations. Click photo on right to see an enlargement!


Your Wedding Arch can be draped or have flowers or both. Whatever you may prefer. Flowers are an addtional charge.



Here the Bamboo Arch is shown with a Ring of Flowers to the left. Click on photo to see an enlargement! To the right you see a typical Bamboo Arch arrangement.


Here you see the Wedding Arch with Red and White flowers and a medium petal isle to match! This isle was about 4 bags of petals. Petals are $30 per bag.


Here you see Monstera leaves used as place mats for a reception. They are quite beautiful and very island style. They usually run about $5.00 a piece.



This is a floating centerpiece we use for pools. No harm comes to the pool and you have a nice centerpiece to send home with some of your guests! The floating support is a Monstera leave.

Price: $75.00




These Monstera Leaves make great placemats if you are doing a Luau style reception. You can even take them to a restaurant.


This is a popular certerpiece we use here with a candle and chimney. When you are outside you need all the light you can get after the Sunsets.We usually just use the same or similar flowers to the Bride's bouquet. As shown they would be about $95.



Maile Lei

This shows a Maile leis worn with Hawaiian Wedding Wear.The Maile leis can also be entwined with flowers! They dry nicely and make a great souvenir to take home!

Price: Depends on Availability
$75.00 to $85.00
With Flowers Entwined: $115.00 to


 Ti Leaf with Kukui Nut and Shells

This is a grogeous masculine lei that is appropriate for the guys in the wedding party. Kukui Nuts come in Black, Brown or Ivory. The shells can be Yellow, Green or Ivory. You can take this home with you if you just have it inspected at the Airport. They make a wonderful keepsake.

Price: $30.00

This is a Lauhala Flower Girl Basket that will match the ring pillow on our accessory page when it is dried. You are seeing it right after it was hand made here on Maui. When ordering you must specify if you want it fresh or dried. Click photo to see enlargement.



Click to see a larger image!
Price: $150.00

For those of you considering drying your bouquet in it's original form you will have to ship it Fed Ex right after the wedding to the Mainland as there is nobody in Maui that does that. You can find places on line or in the back of bridal magazines but be aware that it is very costly and only certain flowers dry well. Remember too that you will have your flowers forever in your photos and video.

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