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If you are arriving in Maui on a Cruise Ship and you want to be married while you are here it is not as difficult as you may think! Depending on which harbor you are coming into, arrangements can easily be made. You may be docking in Kahului where you would need a rental car or you may be coming into Lahaina Harbor. In Lahaina you will be using a water taxi to get to the docks.


  To the left you see an example of a water taxi. In Lahaina Harbour you are withing walking distance of a marriage license agent if you arrive Monday through Saturday. You may also obtain your license on another island if time is a concern. There is no waiting period so you can be married whenever you wish.

You can be married very close to the docks in Lahaina or you may want to taxi or take a limousine to a nearby location. From Kahului Harbor you will definately need transportation to the license agent as well as to the wedding location. We usually will try to meet with you as well if there is time. The nearest beach that is great for wedding on the Lahaina side it Kapalua Bay. It is about 20 minutes from the Harbor. There is a beach in Kahului that is just 5 minutes from your ship if you are docked there. There is also a beach called Maluaka that is only 1/2 hour from your ship. You can see some of these locations under Beach Locations in our Table of Contents.

If you need arrangements for hair and makeup early in the morning (6:00am) we do have beauticians that can help you at a location very near your ship.

If you have any questions you may want to give us a call at the number just below. When you call us about a wedding from the cruise ship please be sure to let us know which harbour you will be docking at in order to help you select the best location!

Bon Voyage!

(800) 808-4144

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