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Most Condominiums in Maui have function facilities for their guests. Guest is the keyword here. You have to be staying at their resort to use the facility. Most are free to use and some have a deposit or cleaning fee. You will have to check with the management once you reserve your rooms. Some require you to take more than one room as well. The beauty is that we can cater and have a bartender and you can do your own thing at these locations. It saves you a lot of money if you are on a tight budget. Just remember that all music must stop at 10:00 and be sure to get permission for the music as well.

After you have permission to use the facility we will be happy to help you with your plans. Below are a few of the ones we have used under these circumstances.

Maui Elderado
Maui Elderado is located in Kaanapali and has a wonderful Cabana right on the beach. If you are a guest for at least 3 days, they will let you use it. It can hold about 30 to 50 comfortably if we use the outside terrace. There is a built in bar and you cannot match the ocean view! You can click on photos to see enlargements. Their fee right now is $1,000 plus a $150 cleaning fee that is refundable if you leave the place clean.

The Mauian
The Mauian is located on Napili Bay and the view is incredible. If your group takes at least 5 rooms in this facility they will let you use their grounds for a wedding and reception at no additional charge. This location is perfect if you are on a tight budget! Because it is a Condominium we can do our own private catering and bar.




You may want to have your wedding on the beach and then move to the lawn area for your reception afterward. It is a great setting for a wedding and reception for up to 20 people. 

Papakea - Kaanapali


Other Condos Coming Soon!
Puamana - Lahaina
Wailea Ekahi - Wailea
Royal Mauian - Kihei

We are adding constantly to this page so check back!

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