A Romantic Maui Wedding Checklist
As your wedding consultants we will make all of the arrangements you need prior to your arrival in Maui. The whole idea of a Maui wedding is to eliminate stress for you. The only thing we can not do is make the decisions for you. Once you have decided what you would like for your wedding or reception, as well as what you want to spend, we can take it from there. The following is a list to help guide you in making those decisions. You can print this form and fax the information to us at (808) 249-8383. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. If you need to add or change anything at a later date, just give us a call at 800 808-4144.
Grooms Last Name______________________ Wedding Date____________ Time________
Street__________________ City_________ State____ Zip Code ________ Phone_________
Wedding Location Desired_________________ License Appt. xxxYes ____ Not Needed____
Attire (color & style) Bride_______________________ Groom________________________
Number in Wedding Party______________________ Number of Guests_________________
Minister xxNon-Denominational ____x Hawaiian ____xMale _____ xFemale ____ xJewish ____
Religious ___ Non Religious ___ No Preference _____ Catholic ______Other___________
Digital (High Resolution) How many_________ With Album (Check one) Yes_______ No______
With Albumxxx 4X6______ x 5X7_____ xx5X5______ xx(Photographers choice of photos).
Video Edited _______ Edited with Freeze Frames ________DVD________ Copies_______
Flowers XBrides Bouquet (style)______________________Colors__________________
Maid of Honor___________________________Colors____________________________
Brides Maids______________________________________________________________
Haku ______Hair Flower __________________________Other______________________
Groom's Boutonniere ______Best Man 's Boutonniere______Other _____________________
Flower Girl Basket ________Corsage _______Extra Leis_______Other_________________
Music Guitar and Vocal ______ Ukulele______ Harp ______ Flute ______ Duet ______
Hula Dancer _____ Conch Shell Blower______ Torch Bearers ________ Other_______________
Cake Yes _____No _____Size_______Flavor ______________Filling________________
Icing Circle One Butter Cream Whip Cream (not at beach) Limousine Yes ______No ______
Specialties Butterflies #____ Dove Release #____ Hair and Make-Up ____Massage____ Nails ___
Receptions Dinner Reservations ______ Tableside Chefs ______Private Reception__________
We have read your Wedding Planner. _________________________________Signiture Required.

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