Catholic Wedding Information

 In order to marry in the Catholic church on Maui you must contact the church yourself and reserve it for your wedding date and time. We can do the rest. The priests will want you to complete the Precana and they have other rules and regulations. We have an information sheet with the contact numbers of the four most popular Catholic churches on Maui. When you send us your reservation form just request our catholic information.

Holy Ghost Mission
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Holy Ghost Mission was founded in 1894. It was restored in 1994. It is located in Kula.

Because it is upcountry in Maui it is a lot cooler and the air is quite wonderful. It is about 1 and 1/2 hours from Lahaina and 1 hour from Kihei. This church is definitely worth the drive (or take a limo).

The inside of the chapel is very ornate and gorgeous. This is a shot from the balcony in the back of the chapel. As you can see the walls are light pink. The priest is extremely nice and we enjoy working with him!  

 maui wedding image - Catholic Church - Maui Hawaii Wedding

Maria Lanakila Catholic Church
This is Maria Lanakila. It is located in Lahaina. Inside the church it is very beautiful! It can be warm but there are fans and it is quite open and airy. Parking is a bit of a problem as you are right in Lahaina. There are parking lots close by.  

It is wise to reserve a second location for photography right after the ceremony if you want any garden or ocean photos.

Sacred Hearts

Sacred Hearts is located in Kapalua on the West side of Maui. Nestled in Norfolk Pines, it is a beautiful church.

It is close enough to the ocean that we can relocate for beachside photos after the ceremony.

Parking is no problem at this church.


The inside of the chapel has a lot of stained glass.

It is best to talk with us about the start time for your wedding. If you do want to relocate to the ocean for photos you will need to have your wedding 1 and 1/2 hours before the sunset time.

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