A Butterfly Release
Romantic Maui Wedding

Butterflies have been cherished throughout history for both their beauty and symbolism.

 "A Precious handful
of love and happiness"

Butterflies are a joyous symbol of life and the very essence of happiness.Some beliefs about butterflies are that they carry messages from a soul directly to the gods, that they are signs of impending good fortune, and that they will bring conjugal bliss and joy. So...make a wish and send it heavenward on the wings of a butterfly!


This is truly a great addition to any wedding. They have never disappointed us! If you have guests attending, it can be arranged for each to release a Butterfly.

We call this our Bouquet of Butterflies! Who would believe it! They just did not want to leave this bouquet.

click photo to see enlargement!


West Side of Maui will be an additional $25

PRICES including delivery to South Side of Maui
6 Monarch Butterflies in keepsake releasers $125.00
12 Butterflies in keepsake releasers $150.00
18 Butterflies in keepsake realeasers $190.00
24 Butterflies in keepsake releasers $240.00

It may seem a bit expensive but it is worth every penny! Individual
keepsake releasers are available for group reception releases also.

 6 Individual releasers  $145.00
 12 Individual releasers  $190.00
 24 Individual releasers  $320.00

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We get a lot of couples that are trying to plan their own weddings and call us just for Butterflies. We only provide butterfliess at the price above for our weddings on Maui! If we are not providing your wedding services there will be an additional charge of $50. You will need to know how to take care of them and open them as well. You will have to pick them up from us and we will include instructions for you.