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As wedding consultants here on Maui we have been helping couples plan their weddings since 1988. When we first started there were only 3 wedding companies. If you found our page on the internet you are well aware that there are a few more now. we would venture to say that there are probably 200 if we count all the Ministers, Photographers, Activity Planners and Hotel Convention people that arrange weddings as well.

Often, couples tell us that they are confused because they have so much information from so many people. They want to know how they should choose. Some will base their decision on price alone. That is definitely not the thing to do. We are sure you know that you will get what you pay for. That is certainly true in this case. For instance, if you pay $40 for photography you should know the risks.

If you are spending all that money to fly here and stay in a resort in the most beautiful place in the world, we would like you to consider a few things. Especially if this is a once in a lifetime trip. We believe that the weddings we have here on Maui are the most incredible weddings in the world. They are truly a spiritual experience! When we are on the beach at sunset and we look out over the gorgeous blue water at other islands off in the distance, we all agree that this must be heaven. If you have been here before, you know exactly what we are talking about. We love what we do (can you tell). We are very fortunate to live here and be able to help people with the happiest day of their life.

If this is boring you please scroll down to the links below and move on. We tend to get emotional about the weddings here.

Your wedding is the most important day in your life. If it is the second or third time you are getting married it is even more important. You better get it right this time! If you are getting married on Maui you are definitely going to remember the experience for the rest of your life. The photography or video that you take home with you will be your most treasured possession. You will be able to share this with all of your family and friends that could not be there on your special day. This will mean a lot to your Mom or Dad, if they were not able to come. The point that we want to make is that you should not risk taking any chances that you will go home with anything less than the best available.

Ever since we started arranging Maui Weddings, it has been our goal to provide visiting couples with the best possible professionals available for every detail of their wedding. It is also our desire to do this at a practical price. Compared to the price of having a wedding on the mainland, Maui Weddings are very affordable. At home, a professional photographer would cost you more than your entire wedding and honeymoon on Maui.

When you are having a hard time choosing someone to help you with your wedding plans, we strongly recommend that you talk personally with the ones you are considering the most. Tell them what you want and see if they are concerned with your welfare. You will get a gut feeling about who you think you can work with. You must feel that you can trust whomever you choose to help you with your wedding plans. Please do not choose someone you do not feel good about just to save a few dollars.

We want everyone to go home from Maui with the best wedding experience that is possible. Believe us when we say that it saddens us when we hear stories (and we do hear them) about couples who did not go home with any photos of their gorgeous wedding because they opted to go with a $100 photo package. Or even worse, a wedding where the minister did not show up. Yes folks, these are true stories. Our major concern is that these cheap, fly-by-night, so called wedding companies will give Maui Weddings a bad reputation. That would be very unfortunate, because they can be the best.

It is not our desire to scare you, but please be aware that utilizing the services of a real WEDDING CONSULTANT can save you money and grief. Their years of experience can save you an unfortunate one. If they have been arranging weddings on Maui for a decent amount of time, they have worked with most of the different professionals at one time or another.You can benefit from this knowledge. You are coming to Maui for fun and relaxation, so put your wedding plans in the hands of a seasoned professional and just let it happen. You will be glad if you do!

One more thing I have to add here is that we are very sorry but A Romantic Maui Wedding can not be held responsible for any natural disasters or disruptions in planning that are out of our control.If our vendors arrive at your wedding to do their jobs they have to be paid. We will always go out of our way to help you but if for some reason you do not arrive for your wedding you will still have to pay for it or any other services that we have arranged for. We actually had someone that could not get married because he was already married, just to give you an example. Traffic could make you late or sea sickness could be a problem if you have a wedding on a boat. We will always try to help you in every way that is possible. Sometimes we do advise against certain plans that our couples want because we know that there could be difficulties. Please try to understand why we are giving you our advice. After over 7000 weddings we have had just about every experience you can imagine. Always keep your cell phones accessable and check your room phones for messages, especially the day of the wedding. We do not tell you this to be mean but to help you understand that sometimes no matter what, things can go wrong. We always try to prevent the problem before it happens.


The Team at Romantic Maui Weddings

P.S. We are often asked by our weddings why we will not take chairs or arches out on the beach. Several have told us that they saw web sites that did offer this service. We have to explain that these things do interfere with the public's use of the beach. A few years ago we had to file a law suit against the State of Hawaii for the right to do weddings on the beach. It was settled out of court that the beaches were public and the weddings could continue but it has also been made clear that the weddings should not interfere with the rest of the public's use. We feel very strongly that this is the way it should be. The wedding coordinators that do this will eventually ruin it for all of us! It is because of these same wedding coordinators that we now have to get a permit every time we do a wedding on a beach and some beaches have been restricted from any weddings at all. If you want the traditional isle and an arch or chairs please consider a private location! There are many available and some are quite inexpensive.

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